Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tracy Aviary

Zachs balloon alien 
I was driving past Liberty Park the other day and realized that I really wanted to go to the aviary. We used to go all of the time but we hadn't been in ages. So I made a plan to go. And even better, I stuck with it! 

Chelseas balloon doggy
First the kids and I went to IHOP like a bunny (or in Zachs case, IHOP like a kangaroo). Its one of those really neat places for the kids that feels wildy special because we never go there. I took them after the 4th of July parade last year and they ask to go all of the time now. We went 1 other time since. So this was very special. And they had Lorax kids meals. Spoiler: Zach DOES like green eggs and ham! The balloon animal guy was there and made some pretty special balloons for them.

Cotton Candy!!
Fox face painting

Chicky face painting
After that we headed over to the Aviary. We got pretty lucky, they were having a party.  They had cotton candy, face painting, and some fun crafts. And a REALLY fun sing-a-long bird show. Zach was nervous about getting his face painted, I think he believes he is too old. I had to promise to do mine also if he would do it. It even required a pinky swear. 

Making chickys

In the owl forest playhouse

Who Hoots??

Silly birdies

Singing like a birdy

We had a great time. I remember why I liked it there so much! The great spring weather didn't hurt either. =D

With their crafts

My buddy! Zach said "where is your friend mom?" and he left
the group and came over to us. =D

Parrot in the bird show

Scarf dancing

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Coco said...

I don't think I have been to the Aviary since you were a baby - I can't remember ever taking any of the other kids. What fun - I am glad you had a good time!!