Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day before Easter

With the dancing piggy

Hello Easter Bunny! 

Waiting for the egg hunt to start

Found some eggs! 

Purple egg...

Its a tree... Can I climb it?

The geese were NOT thrilled to have him there

Waiting for the next egg hunt! 

Psych out?

Eggs in the pool

Getting to the eggs! 

Chelseas one and only egg! 

Zach liked this egg. It had the highest number on it. 
Today we did not 1 but 2 Easter Egg hunts. I found one at Wheeler Farm that I signed the kids up for quite awhile ago. It was an interesting hunt. Usually Wheeler Farm has giant free egg hunts and they are a mad house. You wouldn't catch me there, that kind of crazy gives me anxiety. But this one was $10 a kid (a lot for an egg hunt, right?) They split them up in ages (that part was hard for me. Only 1 of me and 2 kids. Luckily we worked it out ok) The kids went and found empty plastic eggs then headed into the barn and traded for a giant bag of candy and a t-shirt. I wasn't so sure about it all but the kids thought it was super awesome. And thats all that counts! We also could have done a wagon ride but we were a little bit tight on time. They had another hunt to get to!

Their very favorite egg hunt every year is the egg dive. They start asking right after Christmas if we will do the dive again. I found out that the Fairmont Center has been doing one for the past couple of years and is again this year. To be honest, we have only been to Fairmont once. It was when Zach was only a year old. Their playground was so old and he tried to pull some lever thing and it was broken and he fell and cut his head open. And their lifeguards were crazy snotty. So, is a couple blocks away and we never went. But I saw that they redid the playground area and I assumed they had different lifeguards so we gave it a shot. I think it is my favorite dive we have been to. They had it running really smoothly. Zach was in the 3rd heat and ran out there after eggs. I watched him and he would get an egg in sight and run past 8 others to get to it. And for anyone who has never done an egg hunt in a pool, they are hard to grab on to. So he would be chasing 1 egg all over the place past all of the others. He was NOT efficient but he was having a ball. When he got out he said "I only got 4 eggs." I said "YOU GOT 4 EGGS! AWESOME!" and he just shook his head and laughed at me. Then it was Chelseas turn, her age group had to have a parent in the water with them but the parent wasn't allowed to touch any eggs. So I held her bag and figured she didn't need help anyway. I know her, she was going to grab them all. So I asked her right before we got in the water "Are you going to get 15 eggs?" and she said "I'm going to get WAY more then 15!!" So the horn blows and she goes running into the water. I wasn't able to get any pictures of her but it was funny. She goes running past a whole pile of eggs and I'm trying to figure out what she is doing and realize she is just playing in the water! Zero interest in the eggs. I tell her to get some eggs so she gets one near her and hands it to me. Then goes back to playing in the water. It was so awesome. Moms all around us were giggling at her. When we were done I thought she might be upset that she only had 1 egg but she was completely content. Zach said "I guess 4 eggs IS good!"

What I really liked was that they had different prizes. Not just candy (although every single kid got 3 big ole handfuls of candy no matter what). After the hunt you took your eggs into the birthday room, each egg had a number on it and the numbers meant different prizes. It was fun and a bit exciting waiting to see what you got.

We had a ton of fun. Zach says this is the best Easter Eve ever. =)  

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Easter. I know we will!

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Oh my hell!!!! Chelsea's suit is the cutest in the whole land!!!!!