Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 14th

Once upon a time there was a little girl who moved into a new neighborhood. She was very young, not even in kindergarten. One day another little girl walked past her yard while she was outside playing. The first little girl told the second little girl that she should come over and play with her. Eventually the second little girl did. Those 2 little girls became very close friends. They knew all of each others secrets and had lots of secrets between them. They were more then friends, they were sisters. And they stayed like that for a long time. Even though there were periods of time that they couldn't stand each other they always loved each other. Then when they were big girls the second little girl grew up faster. She got married, moved away and had babies while the other took a different path. They grew apart and couldn't figure out how to fix it. Eventually the first little girl also got married and had babies. And the second little girl moved back. They thought that maybe they could get things back to the way they were once. But its a lot harder to be that close to someone when you are a grownup girl then when you are a little girl. The first girl tried hard, she missed her friend so much. But it didn't work out. The second girl broke the firsts girls trust and by doing that she broke her heart. The first girl doesn't know anything about the second girls life anymore and sometimes that's hard. Most of the time the first girl is ok and doesn't think about it too much. But December 14th happens to be the second girls birthday and every year on that day the first girl spends a lot of time thinking about the second girl. 

Happy Birthday to the second girl, I hope you are doing ok. Love, the first girl. 

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Coco said...

This made me cry. AND, I saw the post on Miles wall. AND I know you love her and always will, but, you deserve so much better. I love you. I am sorry she hurt you. AND I am sorry she broke herself.