Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I couldn't sleep last night. Somehow between getting my kids in bed and getting myself into bed I realized how close we are to Christmas. I've been counting down with my kids but its just been a number. Then at some point I thought 'In 2 weeks I will be riding teacups with my family' and it all became so real. I have been excited anyway for Christmas. I think I have some good gifts to give out and I cant wait to see peoples reactions. I love Christmas, I always have. I love putting thought into what I am getting everyone. Its not random for me, its a process. I start early so I can get the right thing for everyone that shows I was thinking of THEM. And while I haven't had much of a budget this year, I think I have done pretty dang great.

This year my kids are getting the best gift I could imagine. MAGIC. Since Zach was a toddler loving Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I have dreamed of taking him to Disneyland. And then I got a princess, every princess needs to go to Disneyland. Every year Brandon and I saw maybe we can save enough to go next year.... Next year always comes and goes and we cant make it work. I really didn't think we would ever be able to take them. At least not when they were young enough for it to be so magical. This year my sweet amazing husband found a way to make it happen for us. It was a big sacrifice for him, it meant him missing a lot of time and being homesick and it was hard. On him and us. But being such a good dad and husband he did it. Now I am 2 weeks away from something I was afraid wouldn't happen. I get butterflies in my stomach when I think about it.  I cant even find the words to explain how excited I am for this.

I'm going to stop now because I am so rambley about it. I just cant believe it is happening and is coming up so soon. I am going to go back to imagining their reaction when they open this gift in 11 days!!


Coco said...

This made me teary. I can't wait - I am so excited!! I want a full report on what happens when the kids realize what they are doing. I want to know everything!! I want pictures!!! I want every detail!!!!

Crystal said...

I'm planning on videoing it. I'm really hoping for like a disney commercial reaction. =D