Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gorilla Challenge

Before the race
 Today we did the Gorilla Challenge. It beyond fun. I think that we brought most of the fun with us! Brandon and I ran it with La Dayna and Angi. Our team name was Brother Brandons Brides. Us girls really did it up this time. We all got real polygamy dresses (or our ideas of them anyway) AND did the polygamy hair! Win! We looked awwwweeeeesome! Especially Angi, everyone keeps saying so. She brought her polygamy A game today.

Official team photo

Polygamy family sharing a beer at 10am 
When poly girls go wild

With the 80s aerobics team

We met at Legends Pub for registration and picture taking. We took a lot of pictures. We took our 'official' pictures for the Challenge people (look for the costume contest on fb in the next couple of days). We took lots of our own pictures. And we took a ton of pictures for and with other teams. We had teams come up to us non-stop asking if they could take our pictures. And that was just before the race started.
Getting help at the Grand America

Find an out of towner from a state that starts with the letter 'N' 

With all of the uproar in the media about radicals associated with this religion, many in the community have come out and denounced the actions of the few that are painting the face of the majority. This downtown prayer center allows anyone to come inside and learn more about what is truly is. Sprint to this location, stand under the green sign, and take a picture in a human pyramid.  (La Dayna went and knocked on doors to find someone to take this photo)
When the race started we headed out. We were on foot for this entire race. People driving by were honking and staring, some yelling to us. That was THE best part. The reaction to us out wandering around. One woman from Uruguay, pulled over and asked to take our picture. She went on and on about how she believes we should have the right to any religion we want! It was fantastic. Another car, driving up to the football game at the U, rolled down their window and yelled something. It was a couple of steps before I realized that they yelled 'Wooo! Number TWELVE!' La Dayna warrants cat calls even in polygamy dress. That is hotness!
The great one is located in Gaza, but you can see a mini version of this mythical half human creature right here. Run to it and us it as part of your team's human pyramid. 

We had a slow start on our clues but once we really got going we did pretty well. We went to the Grand America for some help with some of our clues. They were crazy helpful there. I think it was pretty fun for them to have a lobby full of polygamy family.
At the main location of this place of learning, there are all sorts of events going on daily. today alone you can participate in the Utah Humanities Book Festival, learn about Beethoven, hear a lecture on Tourette Syndrom, and see photography from the East by East students. Run to this location, stand next to the sign outside and strike a pose. 

We needed to complete 10 of our 12 clues to finish. We only got 9. We were a bit disheartened by it but when we got back to the pub and started talking to other teams we felt better. There were a lot of people who got 2,3,4 a lot of people got 5. 9 turned out to be a pretty good score. Even if we didn't win, we did pretty awesome. I couldn't have asked for a better team. And dressing up in polygamy garb and wandering downtown SLC is one of the funnest things I have ever done. I highly recommend it to anyone!
Run to the location where everyone watched on big screens as Salt Lake City was declared the host city of the 2002 Winter Olympics. Run to the fountain and give us your best duck impersonation as you sing 'splish splash I was taking a bath....'

Running this race today reaffirmed my belief that I want to run the Amazing Race with La Dayna. She is awesome to do something like this with. She is funny and competitive and smart. Plus she will run down a cop car she has no chance at catching and knock on a strangers door to ask them to take a photo.

Clues and time

The clues we did that didn't require a picture were:
1. This location was mentioned in several TV shows in the early  90s. Unscramble the names to find your next  clue. With a list of scrambled tv show names.

4. This is an easy spot to stop and get a drink of H2O. We hear people travel from near and far to get this drinking water with numerous minerals originating to back in the days of pioneers. ~ We went to the artisan well for this one. We had to jump rope while singing the star spangled banner. Brandon and Angi swung the rope while La Dayna and I jumped. We lasted longer then we needed to. It was pretty impressive!

6. This park shares the same name as the capital of Virginia. Find the Gorilla Challenge Staffer here and complete the activity. ~ This one we could do a puzzle blindfolded or spray a mix of vinegar and fruit punch into 1 of our mouths and spit it into a cup until the cup was half full. Angi sprayed it into Brandons mouth. It was done super quick.

10. How many times can you subtract the number five from fifteen?
A. 2 -> This museum displays art and artifacts from around the world. Currently on display is a celebration of Latin American saints. Run to this location and give each other high fives all around.
B. 1 -> An opening today! Run to this innovative museum that allows you to play the role of thinker and creator. Take a picture outside by the sign leaning to the left.
C. 3 -> $7.8 million was put into this mansion for restoration and upgrades after it caught fire in 1993. It's open for public tours but also serves as the home of the most prominent person in the state. Run to this location and get a picture with your entire team jumping in the air.
~We read this one and the obvious answer was 3. Felt like pretty dumbed down math. Then I reread it and realized it wasn't math, it was a riddle. Once you take 5 from 15 its no longer 15 so the answer was one. So we went to the Leonardo, the awesome museum whos reopening was today. They had ZERO idea what we were talking about there. We talked to a bunch of people and spent a lot of time there but they said they had not seen any other teams and had no ideas what it was about. So we went back to, its dumbed down math and we wasted time. Now we don't have time to hit the Governors Mansion. Dang. But when we got back for our scoring and told them we messed up and went to the Leonardo instead they told us that was right. Except we didn't take the photo. So we had to talk to the guy in charge and convince him that we did go! He ended up giving us the point for it.

The clues we didn't get:
7. These citizens are daily heroes. They protect us, our homes and our families in times of crisis and need. Whether its stopping a burglar or putting out a fire, they're justa  phone call away. If you see one today, sincerly thank them for the hard work they do and the sacrifices they make for us and for the great good. Snap a picture shaking the hand of a local hero.  ~ Easy enough, right? We didn't see any firemen and saw 2 cops drive past us but that was IT the entire day! We were hugely disappointed we couldn't get this one. La Dayna even called the non-emergency number to see where someone was so we could go to them. But we didn't have enough time.

11. Known as Maryam or Miriam by others and held as a figure of reverence in both Christianity and Islam, this location has a photographic shrine dedicated to her. ~ No idea. Anyone know?

12. The sign outside this store established in 1916 has all the colors of the rainbow in it. Run to this location, and hop on one foot underneath the color made by mixing blue and yellow together.  ~ Again, I don't know!

I'm sure I am missing things and rambling in other places. But dang it, I'm tired! Maybe I'll edit this later but don't count on it. Unless a sister wife points out a place I seriously messed up.

Thank you to Angi, Brandon and La Dayna for doing this with me today. I had an amazing fun time! 

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Sally said...

Sounds like a lot of fun :D and costumes great. If didn't know ya'll personally and saw you on the street. I would so think ya'll are a big family . And Dayna's amazing ! Cat calls you go girl .