Thursday, October 13, 2011

Scooby Doo! Where are you?!?

We are getting ready for Halloween! So excited. Its a big holiday for us.  We have been planning on being the Scooby gang for months now. Brandon and I have been checking thrift stores for pieces of our costumes. And we have some pretty good finds!

So we had most of the stuff for me as Velma and Brandon as Shaggy (cant you see it perfectly?) We had a costume bought for Chelsea as Daphne. All that was left was Scooby for Zach. Easy peasy! It was sure to be the quickest buy. 

It was not easy peasy. I have searched and my mom has searched. Scooby costumes are hard to find beyond a toddler size. They make them bigger but not many places carry them. My mom found one on KSL that was a 10-12 (the largest they make before OSFA adult) so I called about it. The lady said she bought it for her son but it was too short. And said he is 47" tall. But Zach is taller then that! So we went to another Halloween shop and they HAD Scooby in 10-12! YAY! I put the hood on Zachs head and let the rest hang down. The feet hit the back of his knees. Boo. There is no way that would fit him. Wouldn't have fit him LAST year. We considered buying him an adult one but it was too big. 

So as we stood in the middle of the Halloween store we discussed what else we might do. Many other topics came up but we landed on..... SUPERHEROS! Not surprising if you know my family! But it will be fun.

Brandon is going to be Night Owl from Watchmen. I think its a pretty awesome costume myself.

Zach is going to be Captain America. He based his decision on: what superhero haven't I been before? And which one comes with an accessory? That narrowed it down to Captain America and his shield or Thor and his hammer. I thought the hammer would sway it but he ended on Captain America. (Who Brandon was really hoping to be.)

Chelsea went with Supergirl. She was pretty indecisive. There are quite a few cute superhero girl costumes. And quite a few of them are all pink. She finally picked Supergirl, I don't know what made her finally decide. We thought she would go for the all pink Supergirl but she went with the classic colors.

I haven't gotten mine yet but I will probably go with Batgirl. When pressed, I told Zach once that Batman was my favorite superhero because I like Bats. He has never forgotten. So, we go with it.  

P.S. I also told him that Aquaman was co-favorite superhero cuz I like old guys. But I haven't seen a womens Aquaman costume. 

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La Dayna said...

lol you're a nice mom.

Sorry the Scooby thing fell through.