Monday, October 3, 2011


We spent the day at Lagoon yesterday for Frightmares. I loooooove Frightmares, its my favorite Lagoon trip of the year. 
Waiting for the roller coaster to go over them

Whadda bunch a bugs

On the swings

I didn't think we would be able to this year but my adorable brother called and said that is adorable sister-in-law had extra family passes if we would like to go. He even worked it out so that Coco, Papa and Boo-Boo could go too. 
Trick or treating at Lagoon
With the witches

In the maze

Me and my cutesy husband

So excited for a stick of meat

We got to spend the day with Raja, Rustie, Amber (AKA Auntie Deadeye), Brigette, and Eva. Chelsea adoooooores Eva. Karen and Anna came a little bit later. It was really neat to get to spend time with them. My brother married into an amazing family! 
Sunflower girls

I wore a spider ring the ENTIRE day

In front of the gnome house

All Chelsea cared about was seeing the fairy

On Bombara
 We hung out for awhile and rode some ride, did the trick-or-treating thing and the maze (Zach was really excited for the maze) Then we went for the shows. I can only speak for myself but I don't care about anything else when we go for Frightmares, I want to see the shows. Mainly Hackenslash and The Classic Monsters. This isn't a bias either, knowing someone in Hackenslash is just a total bonus! And I have always loved Halloween, mostly classic monsters. Then you have classic monsters singing and dancing?!? YEAH, I'm in! 
Front row for Bombara

Chelsea and Eva on Puff

Chelsea and Eva out for a drive



Fighting with Uncle Raja

Zach was hot

Astronaut Zach

Fairy Chelsea

Astronaut Me

Astronaut Brandon

Waiting for Hackenslash

Auntie Deadeye
We usually see more shows but this time we only got to see the 2. The other shows are fantastic also! 

Chelsea was pretty nervous of Hackenslash

Brandon and Anna

Brandon is such a chick magnet. 

The classic monsters! Love it!

On the skyride

Me and my girl on the skyride

Brandon and Zach on the skyride

Fighting with Uncle Raja

EXACTLY 3 pounds off on each of my kids. 

Stickum earrings make princesses happy

Rustie, BooBoo and Raja with Hackenslash

With Hackenslash

If you get a chance to go, I highly recommend it! It is a blast! 

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