Thursday, March 10, 2011

I feel the need... The need for speed!

I've been thinking that I want to do something bucket list-ey for my 30th birthday. I can't seem to decide what to do though. The thing I want to do the most is ride a bull. It's been the highest thing on my bucket list since before I knew what a bucket list was. I looked into it though and the only place I found that would let me requires a 5 day class in spanish fork first and it costs a fortune. So that's out. Next I was thinking of bridge bungee jumping. Yes, if all my friends jumped off of a bridge, I would too. I'd be the one scheduling it. But there isn't a lot of bridges in greater salt lake city. I've already been skydiving and I'd really like it to be something I've never done before. La Dayna and I are going hang gliding or paragliding or something so that's awesome. Brandon suggested cliff diving but jumping into water is the one thing I won't do. So what is left? What should I do? Right now I'm thinking of doing the alpine slide and zip line in park city. Not as cool as riding a bull but would still be fun. Unless someone comes up with something better for me to do!

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Coco said...

OOOOOO - - I wanna zip line!!!!