Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why I'm Crabby

I am crabby. Very crabby. Most of my log-ins and such include crabby somehow, my blog is crabbymamma, when I (finally) get my tattoo, you guessed it, a crab. Zach always checks crab apples to see if they have a crab in them so he can give it to me. Why do I like crabs? Because I am a cancer. Being a crab is who I am. I love how much it spells me out.

Emotional and sensitive, ruled by their feelings. Run the whole gamut of emotions that come with the changing tides. - Ask my husband. Seriously.

Cancer is the "I feel" sign.

Like the crab, they have a protective shell of shyness or reserve to hide their great sensitivity and caution. This should not be interpreted as weakness, however, as they withdraw to gather strength.

Sympathetic and kind, they have a strong need to nurture. Extremely protective and will defend their loved ones against all odds. Home and family play a highly important role in their lives.

Usually connoisseurs of food and love to cook. (I love this one.)

Compelled to work hard to get ahead.

Require a lot of encouragement and appreciation.

Easily hurt.

Once they trust someone enough to show their feelings they are strong, loyal and protective.

Tend to hold on to the past, especially people. - This is the reason for this post. I was thinking about some of the people I have let go and how hard it is. It takes a lot for me to walk away from someone I love and it is hard all of the time, I think of these people a lot. I think I tend to walk away easily from people I don't love if they seem like they will hurt me in the future. Once I let someone in, it is so very hard for me to let them go.  


La Dayna said...

all great qualities! I'm happy to be friends with such a crabby person.

Lindsay said...

I thought of you today when my kids were pretending to be baby crabs. It fits you.