Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where baby names come from

Everyone in my family has the same number of letters in our names. We didn't plan it, it just happened. When I got pregnant with Zach, Brandon and I talked about how if we had a boy he would get Brandons middle name, John. It is a family name for him and I like it because it was my grandpas name. If we had a girl she would get my middle name, Dawn. Its my moms middle name and mine and I wanted to keep it going. Well, obviously we ended up with a boy but had no name for him. Brandon shot down every name I could think of. He didn't like anything but wouldn't come up with anything. When we went to the hospital we were thinking Alexander or Jackson. But neither fit. I gave Brandon my 99 cent baby book and told him to find something. He flipped through and landed on Zachary. (A name I had tried 3 times and been shot down.) So Zachary John Walker was officially named.

With Chels, we already had decided if she was a boy her name would be James Houston Walker and we would call him Jimmy. Before we found out what we were having I saw a name I like somewhere, cant remember the name or where I saw it but it started with a C. I liked the idea of a C name if I had a girl. Really mess with Gramma. She can call out Cheryl! Carol! Connie! Colleen! Crystal! Chelsea! Hee hee. More for the last 3 names though. I always thought it was cool to have the same initials as my mom. So, anyway, I was looking the name up in my same 99 cent baby book and Chelsea was near it. I fell in love with Chelsea right away. I told Brandon and for once he didn't shoot down a name I came to him with. So, when we discovered she was a girl (after Brandons tearful moments, he wasn't sure he could handle a girl) she became Chelsea Dawn Walker.

So we have...
Brandon John Walker
Crystal Dawn Walker
Zachary John Walker
Chelsea Dawn Walker


I wrote a list of our names one day and realized that we all have 7 letters in our first name, 4 in our middle and, of course, 6 for our last. We didn't plan it that way, it just fell into place. Even Bridget, our dog, has a 7 letter name. And we adopted her with that name. Poor Zelda is left out, maybe we should start spelling her name Zelddaa. Because that makes sense! Brandon says that their middles names are Dumb so that they can have the 4. But we all know he is a bit snotty at times.

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La Dayna said...

hehe this is so funny.
What nice names yall have though. I always liked the name Dawn. Did you ever read babysitters club? She was one of my favs.