Monday, March 1, 2010

Star of the Week

Zach was star of the week at school last week. He was so excited about it. Star of the week gets to pick what activities they do and stuff. Plus on Thursday they have a big presentation about them. His teacher, Terry, asked him at the beginning of the week what his favorites were in a few categories then made him a fantastic poster. The whole class learns about his favorite things then on Thursday they all say what they are. Its really cute. Brandon, Chelsea, my mom, sister and I all went to watch. 

First they do the favorites, then Terry gives him his poster.

After that all the kids go around and say what they like about him. Its really cute. He got a lot of "he is gentle" "he is kind" "i like how he plays superheros with jaxon" It was sweet. I love to hear what they come up with! The kids also write down what they like about him as homework and bring it in so they don't all say whatever the first kids said. After the kids are done, everyone who came with him gets a turn. So me, Brandon, Coco and BooBoo all got a turn. Terry got a kick out of the fact that Zach calls his gramma Coco and his aunt Booboo. 

Zachs poster

His favorites are:
# - 5
Color - Blue
Planet - Neptune
When he grows up - Race car driver then astronaut
Animal - Dog
Treat - Suckers
Food - Chicken Fried Rice
Shape - Square and Oval
Book - Batman
Movie - Spiderman
Favorite thing to do at school - Play superheros with Jaxon
Favorite place - School
Favorite season - Spring

I put all of the kids notes on the back of his poster then had it laminated. He is very excited about it. 

Zach got to pick the next star of the week, its random - he picked a popsicle stick out of a glass - and he picked JAXON. He was so excited to pick one of his favorite friends.

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Coco said...

That was just the best day!!!