Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I have had a spider living on the ceiling of my bathroom for a while. He made a home in the corner above the shower head. I am retardedly afraid of spiders. I don't know why, in my head I know they are no big deal but when one is near me I get panicky. This one was ok, he stayed out of my bubble. I'll admit I stayed toward the other end of the shower but it was ok. Well, tonight he started to come down the shower wall. I, of course, freak out. I am a little embarrassed that when I call out for Brandon with panic in my voice he walks in and says "spider?" First thing I say every time is "dont kill it!" He just rolls his eyes. I told him that if he would just go back to his corner I would be ok. Brandon goes to wave him back and the spider just climbs on his hand. Brandon, being all manly, just takes him outside. I would freak out but whatever. Did I mention I was standing in the middle of the bathroom with my head covered in shampoo? Yeah, I'm awesome.

I hope the spider is ok and finds a new warm home. I don't want him to die. I'm a total live and let live person. If I could go my whole life without killing anything, even a bug, I would be super happy.

Good luck little spider!


Coco said...

I love you!!!

Mrs Mommy said...

LOL! That is so hilarious! Thanks!t

La Dayna said...

LOL Crystal, This is so funny!!! Oh boy Brandon must have been cracking up on the inside