Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhogs Day

Ahhh... What a day. I'm exhausted.

I love Groundhogs Day. I always have, no real reason, I just think that its fun. Today, there was a shadow so 6 more weeks of winter. Although, he is said to be right about 39% of the time. Brandon and I went on our first date on Groundhogs day. We went to Chillis for lunch. I remember I had worked all night and had been up for over 24 hours at the time. I was so tired I just chat chat chatted the whole time. And he told me about shooting small animals. No idea how that worked out for us, really. But now 6 years later we are still together!

We went to story time at Barnes and Noble today, its kind of our new Tuesday thing. It was the first time Brandon got to go. The regular girl wasn't there today and the sub wasn't great. Zach and Chelsea were quite upset that Stevie and Antonio weren't there. Should have invited Steve to bring them. Didn't even think about it! Hopefully next week will be better.

After that we had to go to school so Brandon and I could talk to Terry about Zachs bully. Yesterday at school he got shoved up against the wall and 2 boys were stomping on his feet and trying to pull his arms off. When Zach told me about it I honestly wondered how much jail time I would get for beating up a preschooler. He has had problems with one boy since the beginning of the year. Its been hard for him. So I went in to talk to Terry about it. I have to say she is so amazing. She said she knows they are having problems and told us about some of his background to help us understand why he is the way he is and how she has been trying to help him. She said she has been trying to help Zach and this boy get along better but its a slow process. And told us how the 2 boys got in trouble after the altercation on the playground. It was a long discussion, we made her quite late for class! She did make us feel better about it and offered to take the boys out just the 2 of them and her for ice cream or something one day to see if they could work things out if they were away from school and no parents around and stuff. (Seriously love her) When we got back to school, first thing Zach did was run up to Brandon and tell him that the boy asked him to play with him today. They played on the playground for awhile and were doing great together. The boys mom was sick so Terry was taking him home anyway and asked if we all wanted to go get some hot chocolate together. The boys decided to be friends and wanted to ride in the same car. It was pretty amazing. After hot chocolate they walked to the car holding hands and asking to have a playdate. I am so fully amazed by the whole thing. I don't even know what to say (thats obviously not true since this is a long post! =) ) I hope that they can keep being friends. Not sure I want them being best friends but glad they are getting along!

While Zach was at school we decided to go put an application in at one of the schools I had been looking at. I have decided its my #1 choice! Its seems so perfect for him. They have co-op classes for k-2 (might be 3, cant remember for sure) They are one of the 2 top rated schools for academics in the state but its because they teach that learning is fun, its not stuffy and boring. And they don't even have to wear uniforms! I really don't want uniforms. They bug me. The lady who gave us a tour was so fantastic. When we were in the cafeteria she went and found Chelsea a treat. She walked us through the whole school. Which is tiny by the way, you can see almost the whole school from the office. She showed us all the lower level classrooms. The 2nd grade teacher came over and talked to us, she showed us the valentines boxes that the kids had made. They were amazing. They had all made different African animals because they are learning about Africa. I just really loved that school and am keeping my fingers crossed. She sounded like we had a pretty good chance for it too.

Since it IS Groundhogs Day, we went to lunch. We didn't go until 5:00 but I am calling it lunch because thats what tradition says it is! We went fancy today. We went downtown to Melting Pot. I love Melting Pot. Brandon and I got a gift certificate last year for our birthdays and we haven't had a chance to go yet so we decided to go down there. We took the kids with us. It has become part of the tradition. I really kind of love that they go with us. Seems to make it a little more special. I cant believe how different we are then 6 years ago. The day we met I had just come from looking at a little house I wanted to buy. I didn't plan on getting married for a long time, if ever. Brandon probably went on another date that night (he says he doesn't remember which pretty much means he did) he didnt ever want kids. Now we are such a happy family. We have 2 of the most wonderful kids I could imagine. I wouldn't change a thing. I am really happy with they way things turned out. Brandon is such an amazing dad and a fantastic husband. He deals with all my crazy and rarely flat out tells me I am crazy =) He lets me work things out by talking about something until his ears probably are ready to bleed (such as my obsession with where Zach should go to school). He stays up all night at work then stays up all day watching 4 kids, not only because I ask but because he is such a great person. He may drive me crazy in so many ways but its a 2 way street and I am glad that we ended up with each other to make crazy. I wouldn't want to waste all my fantastic crazy on anyone else!


Coco said...

What a great post!! You guys are so perfect for each other!! And I'm so glad you found each other.

La Dayna said...

I didn't know you liked groundhog day. It's a funny little holiday isn't it?