Friday, January 29, 2010


Ok, so I added pictures to a few most recent posts. Nothing fancy but makes me feel better!

Brandon is at work again tonight. I hate hate hate it when he works nights. Blah. (In case there is one person left out there that has not heard me whine about in non-stop)

Brandon's Mom and Dad came up today and we went out to dinner with them. We went to Tres Hombres. It was pretty good. Its a whole 2 blocks from our house and we have never been. But then all we have as options around us is mexican food. Cant try them all in 6 years! Ok, probably could. Ah well.

(Silvia and Zach)

I co-oped today. I love to co-op. Love spending time at school, seeing what goes on. Zach has a little girlfriend at school, Silvia. She is so dang cute. She calls him Zachary even though everyone else just calls him Zach. Her mom told me that she tried calling him Zachy first but it was a little too lovey for the mom of a 3 year old girl to handle. =)  They play Superhero Pirates every day. Terry (the teacher) thinks its the funniest thing in the world that Zach, the tallest kid in the class and Silvia, the smallest kid in class are bestest friends.  I just think its adorable!

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Mrs Mommy said...

I love your new background! Share with me your blog secrets. Also, I hate that Brandon is gone so much from you guys. I think you and LaDayna are the strongest women I know. I couldn't do it.