Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hardest job you'll ever love

I just decided, right now, to not apologize for not posting very often every time I do post! So, no apology for you!

(Zachs first day of preschool)

We have been trying to figure out where Zach is going to go to kindergarten. First, its crazy to me that my baby boy is ready for kindergarten! But I cant believe how hard it is. I never expected it to be such a tough decision.  All of the sudden I feel like his whole education PLUS Chelseas whole education depend on this. We went to a class about kindergarten the other day and it freaked me out. Basically said in a regular kindergarten if your kid is ahead he gets to sit there and wait while everyone else catches up. (This class was put on BY the public school district BTW, not a group trying to talk us into private schools or anything.) Well, Zach goes to the most amazing preschool ever and is ahead, the list of stuff he needs to be able to do at the end of kindergarten, everyone in his class can already do. If he goes to kindergarten and isn't being challenged he is going to become incredibly disruptive. I really think he is a kid that needs a challenge and if he doesn't get one then he is going to be rotten. So I have to find one that will keep his interest.  I also want it to have an art program. I think its so sad that so many schools are turning away from art. So I have him on the lists and lotteries for a few elementarys. I am really extra hoping for a couple but would be happy with any of them. There is at least one more I want to go look at. The tours are just at such a bad time for us. I will have to figure out when we can make it.

When we were signing up for these schools I told Brandon, "I just realized I am going to have to sign up for PTA!" He just rolled his eyes. He said Are you going to be ok being on the board at Chelseas school, co-oping for Chelsea, still doing Scholastic and doing PTA and WHATEVER else you decide to do at Zachs school?!? Of course I will! Its my JOB! Every job I have ever had I have put all my energy into(with the exception of one). I love to work and I love being good at what I do. Now I have the most important job anyone could ask for. I am raising PEOPLE to be happy and healthy and sweet and nice and contributing members of society in whatever they decide to do. If I have to miss a moms night out to go to a board meeting or PTA meeting, sucks! But guess what, I wouldn't trade it. I am told by some people that I am the overboard  mom. But I want to be involved in what my kids do. If they fail, its MY fault. Not the schools, not the governments. Not anyone but me. I want them to know that they can do anything and if they need help I am right behind them.


Coco said...

Your brother and I were discussing what an awesome mom you are. I said I wish I had been the kind of mom you are. I would never have thought of doing anything but sending you to Bacchus Elementary School - that is just where you go because that is where you live. To see you put this much energy into deciding where your kids are going is amazing to me. You are so good at what you do.

Mrs Mommy said...

I could not agree more. I think you are such an amazing mom. I wish that I could come up with even half as much of the patience you have. What a difference it would make. I hope the schools work out the way you are hoping for. I love being on the PTA board. I am the treasurer and I love it!

Lindsay said...

So I just read somewhere that just by looking at different schools your child will do better in school, regardless of where you send him - simply because you are involved in his education. Good job! Also, I don't know what the rules for going outside your district boundaries, but Salt Lake School district has been fantastic for us and they have an extended learning program in kindergarten. (as if you needed one more option to consider!)