Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back to School blues

Zach has a teacher meeting tomorrow at his preschool. He has the same teacher but he still gets to go in and have some one on one time with her. This means the summer is really starting to be over. I am excited for him to start school again, he loves his school so so much and his teacher is amazing. Every morning of the summer he woke up and asked if it was his school day yet or if Miss Terry was done with her vacation and could go back so he could go back. I am so very glad he loves his school. They are a play based learning school. Which I wouldn't think would work but I really wanted him to learn socialization more then anything. I wasn't too worried about what he would learn-learn. I think that if I had, at some point in my life, learned how to talk to people I would have done so much better in school, I think being so uncomfortable around people made me so distracted that all I could think about was leaving. I want my kids to know how to make friends and not be so akward around people like their dear ole book worm, dork with bad grades mom. At least their dad was a dork with good grades! =) ANYWAY... Its really amazing how much he has learned by playing. I wish that his preschool extended through elementary, I would keep him there for as long as I could. Kids come out of Terrys class testing into 2nd grade science and knowing so much more then any other kid in kindergarten because they have so much fun learning everything. I hope it really builds into him that learning is fun.
But even with how much I love his school, I will cry when he goes back next week. I am a huge wuss about my kids growing up. I cry on every birthday and cry at them going to school. Any milestone is a cause for tears around here! Next year he starts kindergarten and Chelsea starts preschool and everytime I think of that I already tear up. Its going to be a rough one next year!

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Mrs Mommy said...

Hugs honey...You are such an amazing person. I wish you saw it like everyone else.