Sunday, August 2, 2009


I haven't updated my blog in quite some time so I figured I would get on here and let you know what we have been up to. We haven't been doing much, that would be why no updates!

Zach and Chelsea both took swimming lessons this summer. Chelsea was in a parent and tot class. It was fun for her and me to do together. She did pretty well, she would get cranky sometimes and no do anything she was supposed to be doing. She would just try to kick me instead, unless of course she was supposed to be kicking then she would cross her legs and glare at me. I really think most of that is because she didn't want me to hold her, she is so freaking independent. But MOST of the time she loved it. She is a total water baby. She would walk out in the pool and just walk until she was on her tiptoes with just her face out of the water and wait for me to come get her. If she has a float tube she will take off on her own no problem. She kinda freaks me out! That was the main reason she got to go to lessons, so that if she did get herself into the water by herself she might know the basics.

Zach didn't do as well as his sister. He is so afraid of water, I wish I had gotten him around it more when he was smaller. They have 5 levels of lessons and he was in level 1. I actually thought he was doing ok in them. He did everything the teacher told him to except put his face under water, he was so afraid of doing that. So he finished the first session and I signed him up for level 2. He went in the first day for level 2 and they said no way, and sent him back to level 1. He wasn't ready for level 2 because he wouldn't put his face under water. So after the first day he and I talked about it and I bribed him. (Yeah, whatever. I bribe my kids) I told him that if he would try putting his face under water the next day I would give him a dollar. It worked though. He went the next day and stuck his face in the water and has been doing it ever since. So he finished session 2 and I asked the teacher if I could put him in level 2 now and she said no. He still was behind and would have to do level 1 a third time. So we decided to take a break from lesson. We will probably try again in the fall or winter when there aren't as many kids in a class. I am also thinking of doing private lessons for him instead of classes. We'll see. He will be a champion swimmer one day! He really does love swimming, he just has the fear. He wants to be in the water and I think if he knew how to swim it would be even better for him.

My cake classes have been going great. I love all of it. It really is so much fun for me. I have always loved baking anyway and now to be able to take something I have baked and make it pretty instead of throwing a can of frosting on it is amazing to me. I took the beginners class then I took a fondant class. I LOVE fondant. It is so much fun for me. I even made my own for my final cake, and it tasted SO much better then the premade stuff you can buy. I am taking August off because we are going camping and I don't want to miss that many classes but I plan on starting again in September. I already have a pretty good idea of what I want to make for Zach and Chelseas birthday cakes.

I am also still working on my Medical Transcription. I am getting close to done. I got through the book work really quick and easy but when it came to the practical I started thinking I got in over my head. I panicked and thought, I will never be able to do this. So I didn't touch it for 6 months. I was really stressed about it. I finally one day just decided to get going again and have been getting it done. I hope to have it done by the end of the year, that isn't a very lofty goal so I should be able to make it. Hopefully sooner but I don't want to pressure myself too much either, then it wont ever get done! I really regret not doing it for so long, I could have had it done by now and have no one to blame but myself.

Brandon has been work work working all summer. He doesn't take time for fun like me and the kids! If he isn't at actual work he has a project at home. He has done a ton in our back yard this year. He leveled it out (the people before us had some strange raised flower beds and stuff, there was a HUGE one in the middle of the back yard) He also put in a horseshoe pit, expanded the patio, put new sod in in a few areas. He has also been working on his garage. He has it pretty much cleaned out, he is working on building shelves in it for all of our camping gear now. He is a busy bee!


Colleen said...

I am so glad you updated this finally. I kept looking for updates and there were none!! Now there are!!! YAY!!

Mrs Mommy said...

I am so glad things are going how you want them too. Can't wait to start class again in September! I want to try making my own Fondant too!