Saturday, April 18, 2009

A party, moms house and poop.

We had a good day today. We went to a very fun birthday party at Gymboree. I couldn't believe that 4 kids from 9 months to 4 years could all have so much fun at one birthday party. But it happened! Every one of them had a great time. 

After the birthday party I went and hung out at my moms house while Brandon helped Joe and Randi move. Its pretty funny that a couple of years ago Zach was the only kid ever at my moms. Today there were 5 little kids running around her living room! My mom is so amazing, she loves all of them. If you walked in you would never guess which were her grandkids and which weren't. I love how stinkin sweet she is! 

While we were at my moms, Ezri had a nasty nasty blowout. She was playing outside and came up to the door crying and said " I pooped in my shoe! " Yeah. Not fun. It was incredibly disgusting. She had poop all the way down both legs and puddled in her shoes. Did I mention, ICK! Randi gave her a shirt to wear home because she had poop on her dress. She adores the shirt Randi gave her. It is all flowing and fairy looking. 

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