Thursday, April 16, 2009

Boring day....

We have had a pretty dull day today. Just hanging out at home. Sometimes that is exactly what I need though!

My kids are getting sneakier. Chelsea is old enough that they have started working together. I thought that would be a good thing but it turns out, not so much! They were upstairs playing today and it was very quiet so I wandered up. They had pulled EVERYTHING out of the lazy susan. Zach looked up and said, "Look Mom, we are having a tea party!" The kid has an imagination, that is for sure! I really couldn't get mad, they were so cute playing Tea Party together. And both so happy! I love that they play with each other. 

Other then that it has been a mild day! My highlight of the day, I watched last nights episode of Scrubs online. I do love Scrubs! 

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La Dayna said...

I can't wait for the boys to play together