Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dinkus and the Badguy

I chopped my hair! Not just a little bit but a lot. I was on a serious kick that I wanted to grow it out and I have been for some time. But it got so long and SO heavy. I seriously couldn't do anything with it. I would curl it and a couple hours later all the curls had fallen out. I would straighten it and a couple hours later it would be wavy. I was frustrated with it! The other night I was flipping through a magazine and saw a woman on one of the pages and I said "thats what I want!" So I tore it out and took it to Kelly, who I adore! It isn't exactly the same as the picture I saw but I am so happy with it. I do really wish it had been long enough to donate, which was my goal, but I couldn't take it anymore. I think I may be getting too old to let my hair be quite that long... 



On another note, I tried to kill ALL my fish today! I picked up the fish food and the lid wasn't on all of the way and the whole thing of it fell out of my hands and filled the tank. It was horrible. There were just mountains of food all over the tank. I am pretty sure it would have poisoned them! So I had to get all the stuff out and clean the tank. I am going to have to clean it again tomorrow because there is still so much food in there. Of course, Brandon thought it was HILLARIOUS. He made fun of me all day long. He is not as funny as he thinks. In case you were wondering! 

Zach told me today that our life is a movie. I asked him what our movie was called. He told me that it is called "Dinkus and the Badguy." and he is Dinkus and I am the Badguy. That warms the heart! Being the bad guy in your kids movie! At least I get a starring role! 

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