Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ShamWow makes you say WOW! Everytime!

My son is an infomercial goober, in case you didnt already know. For show and tell at school today, he took his ShamWow! He was so excited about it. He couldn't wait to show his friends his ShamWow. I had to stay and watch show and tell today because I couldn't miss him showing off his ShamWow. Its not exactly an every day show and tell item! When it was his turn the teacher asked him what he brought and he said "Its my SHAMWOW!" Unfortunately his teacher didn't know what ShamWow is so it wasn't quite as much fun. The conversation went like this:
 T - "What do you do with a ShamWow?" 
Z - "You clean stuff with it!" 
T - "What kind of stuff?" 
Z -"Everything!" 
T - "Like a car?" 
Z- "Or a boat!!" 
T - "Do you have a boat?" 
Z - "No." 
T - "So, in case you get a boat??" 
Z - "YEP!"
It was pretty funny. I got a kick out of it. My kid is one of a kind and I love it! 

That ShamWow sure came in handy though! When I went to pick him up after school they had filled the sandbox with water. So the kids could make sandcastles and moats and stuff. Zach was of course playing right in the middle of it next to one of his friends. I crouched down in front of him and was telling him that it is time to go. And mid-sentence, Rex's shovel caught a rock. So he yanked at it. And all the mud and water sloshed through the air. Can you guess where it landed?? On the person sitting right in front of him. That would be ME! I had mud in my hair, on my face, ALL over my clothes! I am pretty impressed with the coverage he got out of it! I was dumbfounded by it! I honestly just sat there without moving for 10 seconds. Then I realized I was holding Zachs show and tell. ShamWow to the rescue!! I was still covered but at least I wasn't dripping! 

I didn't even have time to shower after that. My day was too packed! After preschool we went and dropped our dogs off at the groomers. (BTW, don't use PetsMart! They are expensive!) They now have such pretty haircuts! 

I took the kids to Winder Dairy today, they were having an Earth Day carnival. It was kind of a cheesy carnival, I was expecting more. But I think that is because the last carnival I went to there was huge. It was still a ton of fun. We went with Rachel and La Dayna, I pretty much have fun anytime I hang out with them though! It was dang hot though! I cant believe that is was almost 85 degrees (at least according to my car!) We were all sweating! But the kids had fun, they all got their faces painted which was cute. Zach is on a big Earth kick. He wants to see Earth from space really bad. But he doesn't want to be an astronaut, he wants to be a race car driver! =) So he got an Earth painted on his face. He loves telling people about it too. He says I got and Earth because it is Earth day! Chelsea got a cute little flower. She picked a daisy but the kid does not sit still long enough for anything intricate! Her flower is still very cute. And I got a heart painted on Lydia. I love face painting. I think everyone should get their face painted at every carnival! Of course, I was the only one who didn't get my face painted today! But that was a lack of time. I had to go pick up Joe and ran short on time. Oh well, next time I will paint it up! 
I have super cute pictures of it but I cant seem to find my camera right now. I will add them as soon as I figure out where it is. 

I am going to go watch Scrubs now! 

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