Friday, January 11, 2013


So.... I'm really behind on posting this.... I have no excuses.

Anyway! We had a wonderful Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve at my Moms house like we do every year. Its really the part I most look forward too. On Christmas we spent time at home, then went to see Rise of the Guardians with a friend. When we got home Brandons mom and dad came over. We opened more gifts, had dinner and played Star Wars Trouble. It was all wonderful. Now pictures for posterity sake!

Rajas face kills me in this one.

Booboo in her crown
Paper crowns from our crackers

Cute crowns! 

He really loves this BBQ apron

My crazy awesome sing that my brother made me. I <3 it="it" td="td">

Soft Kitty! 

Princess LOVES Bear!

Kids and puppies! yay! 

Gingerbread house they made with CoCo

She is gonna eat it!

Ready to go with her FANCY PANTSY new luggage!

Zachs cool camo luggage!

Santa hard at work. 

A baby cat in a box. 

Zachs Santa gifts

Chelsers Santa gifts

Bobble head C-3PO is cool. 

Lovin' it. 

Legos in his stocking. Wouldn't move on until they were built. 

A girly and her baby cat. 

Baby cat in a box....

Big BIG mess. 

Monster Highs are going to school!

Playing his guitar. 

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