Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fun times

These may deserve separate posts but they are just getting one. =)  We have been having fun lately!

The other day we went to the park with some of our favorite friends. There was a splash pad and a big field to play games. As well as the fun playground! I really didn't take many pics. Maybe next time. =)

Zach in the water

My wet princess

La Dayna and her kids in the water

Wet, cold Evvie

We went to the Murray 4th of July parade and carnival.
The parade was really fun, the kids COULD have ridden in it with their dance studio but I decided to let them watch instead. (You don't get candy if you are ON a float)

Waiting for the parade

My cute fam

Watching for the beginning of the parade. 

There was a CAMEL in the parade! 

Me and my girl!


We also went to the carnival but my camera died. We checked out some booths, saw what a pilgrim settlement was like, got sprayed with firehoses (chels caught it right in the cheek, not so fun after that), Chels got her face painted, Zach and Brandon did a water balloon toss, they did the fishing pond. So much stuff and so much fun but sadly no pics.

Brandon got called for work so we left the carnival and headed home. I planned on making cookies but I just COULD NOT get myself to turn the oven on after being out in the heat so long. So we hung out for a bit then my sister came over and we headed to fireworks. We stopped at Blimpies first and Brandon called and said he was done with work so he met us and went to fireworks with us.

We went to the Holladay city fireworks. They did a really good job. It wasn't super crowded, we got in and out easily and they had a great show.

Chelsea. I think this pic is awesome



Glow sticks


Boo Boo

Night pictures are fun

Glow sticks

Firework glow

Baby and her glowsticks

I finally made the cookies today since it wasn't as hot. We made a plate of them and took them to the fire dept.

It was a good 4th of July couple of days! I wish we could have spent time with my Mom and Ted but they were needed somewhere else. I hope you all had a wonderful time also!


Coco said...

We missed you, too!!! Sure glad you guys had fun. AND - there was a camel in the parade!!!!! And I am just not sure what those jeeps were doing??

Coco said...

That one picture where Chelsea looks transparent and Zach behind her is COOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time and thanks for doing something for the firefighters! They deserve it!!!