Saturday, September 24, 2011

Today is my favorite sister in the whole worlds birthday. We had dinner at my moms to celebrate.

Chelsea with Patches. I think this is the first time
Patches has LET Chels hold her.

KayeLynn loves ladybugs so I made her a ladybug cake.
Its pink and purple but you cant tell in the picture. 
KayeLynn was sweet enough to share her party with Brandon. He was in Denver and missed his own party.

So I made KayeLynn a cake and I made Brandon a cake.  
Brandons train cake. Its not perfect but its freehanded and I'm
out of practice. 
 Chelsea choose the design for Brandons cake. She decided he would like a train or a guitar. The guitar didn't make a TON of sense so we went with the train. Even added coal in the back!

My tech-driven family all on their phones. 

Brandon on his phone and Zach on his DS. 

Brandon found a baby. 
One of Rajas really good friends was there with his new tiny baby. She is about a month old. She was passed all around. And she was a good sport about it! So adorable. She is a month old and still smaller then either of my kids when they were born.


SOOOO many candles!

Ozzy loves Coco and doesn't love me!

HAHA! Rajas gift box. 

That is FUNNY stuff!

I hope that KayeLynn had a wonderful amazing birthday. She deserves it. She is an amazing and sweet person. I am lucky and proud that you are my sister. I love you!

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