Sunday, September 25, 2011

Excuse me sir, is that a foot in your mouth?

Brandon hurt his knee at the Dirty Dash yesterday. As someone with regular knee problems I have tried to be extra considerate. I may have to stop....

Last night:
Me: would you like to try me knee brace? It might help.
Brandon: do you think it would fit? My legs are smaller then yours.
Me: (sigh.) You can try...
Brandon: (puts it on.) Actually its kinda tight, I didn't realize my leg was so fat.
Me: (silent)
Brandon: maybe I should stop talking...

Brandon limping along behind everyone.
Me: now you know how I feel 60% of the time.
Brandon: I'm pretty sure mine is worse then yours is.
Me: of course it is. You are a man.


Coco said...

This kill me!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! I am peeing!!!

Angi said...

I should have kicked him at the pharmacy when I had the chance.