Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Urban Challenge

For those of you who don't know, I am competing in the Urban Challenge this Saturday with my very dear friend, La Dayna. The Urban Challenge is a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish. Its is a 3 area competition. We have hope points which involves lots of fundraising, which anyone who is friends with me on facebook is completely tired of, I'm sure. Bu c'mon people! Its a great cause! Next we have Joy points, the social part. This part has us doing things like tweeting about the Urban Challenge, eating at SmashBurger on their special Make-A-Wish day, making a youtube video for our team (ours is AWESOME! I'll post it) and wearing a costume or uniform the day of the challenge. We are maxing out our Joy points because we are crazy joyful people! The 3rd part is the Strength points, this is challenge day. They are going to have a number of challenges around downtown SLC that we have to race around and complete as quickly as possible. They have put out a few idea of what they **might** have but they are keeping the challenges a big secret for the most part.

I'm beyond excited for the Urban Challenge. I think it is going to be sooo much fun. And I have just recently starting thinking about the fact that we could potentially win. I try to harness in the winning part, I WANT to win but its not why I signed up and I don't want to get so focused on that that I forget why I wanted to do this.

I signed up because I think that Make-A-Wish is one of the most incredible, amazing foundations out there. My sister was a wish kid a long long time ago. I remember how exciting it was for me and I was just a kid, only 11. Now I look back at it and see it through a moms eyes and it means more to me. I have a lot of nights where I lay in bed and wonder how my mom made it through the entire ordeal. I cant imagine having my child so sick, not knowing what is going to happen. Worrying every second. Not being able to give them the childhood they deserve. My sister missed out on so much and I know it was awful for her but it couldn't have been anything less then heart-wrenching for my mom. Having cancer is, ya know, a little expensive. My family couldn't just drop everything and shoot over to disneyworld for the week. Make-A-Wish made that happen for us. Give Kids the World was one of the most amazing places I have ever seen. I remember little bald 9 year old sister in a wheelchair meeting barbie (we almost missed her!). I have so many memories of this special time with my family. Make-A-Wish gave us those memories, we wouldn't have gotten them otherwise. I hope to help them be able to continue to give families memories, even if I can only help a little. Everyone helping a little can help a lot.

By the way, my sister is now 26 going to college at the U of U to be a Child Life Specialist. She is amazing and inspiring. I'm so thankful to have her.

As promised our team video!

Please, please consider donating. Our team page is found at Fanny Packin' Sister Wives

** We have made it into the Salt Lake Tribune! Read our awesome article here.

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