Sunday, May 15, 2011

Diet world

I was reading a few other blogs tonight and noticing a theme. Diets. As I read each and every one my thought was "she is too hard on herself." Flash forward an hour as I'm getting in the shower and berating myself for eating like a pig today and if I keep it up I'll always be fat. Yeah, awesome. Except what I ate today was a bowl of special k for breakfast, a side salad at lunch, a veggie burger for dinner and granola for a snack. For that I am beating myself up. Did I mention that we were out riding bikes all evening? Not sitting around staring at the tv. Riding bikes. Ridiculous. Why are we all doing this to ourselves. The worst part is, I decided to stop doing this to myself already. I changed my lifestyle and as part of that I decided that I was going to stop worrying about "being fat" and diet and such. I'm actually ok with myself for the first time since having kids. Would I rather look like the cute 110 pound 22 year old I was? Hell yes. Do I deserve to be called a fat pig because I don't look like that? No. What the hell? I made 2 people! That changes things! But it's so engrained in me to beat myself up that I don't notice when I do it anymore. Sooo not the keys to happiness there. I'm working on it though. I hope you other girls out there do too. Because I think you are too hard on yourselves!!

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Coco said...

I have no idea where you get that horrible habit from!!! But, just so ya know - I find you absolutely beautiful!! I find you gorgeous!! And I really, honestly wish I was as fat as you are!!!