Saturday, December 4, 2010

Is it Christmas yet??

I'm really so excited for Christmas! I cant wait, I'm like a little kid sitting and staring at the gifts under the tree. Even thought I wrapped every gift under there, its still so exciting to me!

I realized about myself a long time ago that I hate to be rushed. I always try to get everything done so early, sometimes ridiculously early. It drives poor Brandon crazy but I think he secretly appreciates it too. At least I let myself believe that. But if I don't have things done so early then I don't get them done until the last minute and I go crazy. Not a good thing. So this year, I had my Christmas shopping done before December even started. I had to put my tree up just to have somewhere to put it all! I think I did pretty well on gifts this year too!

My family started a couple of years ago drawing a name and buying a gift for just one person instead of everyone. Made a lot more sense when there were a ton of us. We are down to 3 who do this so we only save on 1 gift but its still fun. This year I have KayeLynn. I adore my sister. I think she is so fantastic.

I talked Brandons family into doing the same thing last  year and there are a few more people that way. It makes it a lot easier. I have Krystal this year, I bought her gift months ago. I found something that I loved for her. I hope she likes it as much as I do!

We are doing the same thing with our group of friends this year too. Can I just say, I have the best group of friend. I really love them all. Especially La Dayna. I'm so very glad to have her as my friend. She is so good to me, even though sometimes she really should just smack me. I'm not supposed to say who I have in this gift exchange but I will say I don't have La Dayna and I REALLY wanted to draw her. I already had planned out what I wanted to get her, going to have to save it for another occasion I guess! Our gift party is on the 10th and I can not wait. I get all bouncy when I think about it. =)

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Coco said...

I love it when you get so excited and bouncy!!