Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zachs tooth

 Friday afternoon Zach came in to me and was so sad. I thought for sure he had gotten hurt. He came and curled up on my lap, which almost never happens, and told me his very sad story. He had a  loose tooth. He just started crying on me. He knew it would happen. We have talked about it before and plenty of his friends had lost teeth. I had no idea he was worried about it, I don't think he knew he was worried about it, until it happened to him. We talked about the tooth fairy coming and how his bigger tooth was already starting to grow but he just kept telling me that he wanted to keep the teeth he has. He eventually calmed down and went back to playing and by the end of the day he was ok with what was happening. 

La Dayna told him to eat a hot dog, Mari told him to eat an apple. Well, he doesn't like hot dogs so the next day he asked me to go get apples for him. 2 bites into his new green apple and that tooth was o-u-t. Seemed so quick to me. I thought it would be loose for days before he would get it out. Especially since he barely played with it and wiggled it. 

He put it under his pillow and the tooth fairy came through for him. Left his $5 because it was his very first one! He immediately asked if we could go buy a new guy for his Batcave. Which we did! 

Chelsea was a bit jealous of the whole thing. Keeps trying to rip her own teeth out now. Good thing she had birthday money from Gramma Great to buy herself a new princess at the same time!  


Coco said...

My little kiddo is becoming so big!! :-(

La Dayna said...


what a little man