Monday, June 16, 2014

Lake Powell Trip 2014

We started out our summer with a trip to Lake Powell. We had such a great time. It was super hot down there but the water was nice! And it was rising about 6 feet a week so we really got to notice it coming up. We spent some time swimming and exploring. 

I hope I got all the photos here, I am super awesome at unclicking them all and having to start over. 

Fell off of his air mattress. ?

On the paddle board with her water sprayer. Watch out!

Equally armed. 

Rockin' the paddle board

Need a lift?

Returning the favor.


Relaxing on the island

He got so good at paddling the kayak

The island is awesome

Zelda loves going for a ride. 

Snorkel girl

Paddle board ride


Lighting the tiki torches

Campfire time

With smores of course!

Yummy smores

Moonlight boat ride = nap time

Moonlight boat ride = nap time

My old girl taking a swim

Ice cream in the kayak

Hanging out on the island

Island stew

Kayak full of fins

Zelda is not a fan of these. She will run away from home if you zap a bug.

Playing UNO in the trailer. 

Practicing the daddy daughter dance 

The Island became infested with friends!

Sunrise boat ride

Lake sunrise


Daytime full moon 

sunrise boat ride = nap time


Grandpa on the boat


Exploring time

She is a little too brave


The family that walks together, stays together. 

Swimming to Spider Island

boat jump!

Chelsea became the Queen of Spider Island. 

Its not a Walker Camping trip without a little rain!

Time for bed??

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