Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Orleans Day 2

For our second day, we went to the aquarium. Zach and I are big aquarium lovers so it was a treat for us. Chels and Brandon done hate them either. The aquarium is part of the zoo and its pretty impressive also.

teaching them to flash peace signs for pics

going upstairs

in the treehouse

in the treehouse


rotten kid wouldn't take a nice pic with me

Shark attack!!

There is a parakeet feeding area that was super fun. You can buy treats to feed the birds for $1. We spent quite a bit of time feeding the birdies. It was really fun.

Chels feeding the parakeet

.....your doing it wrong....


Double parakeets!



Am I the only one finding this kinda hilarious?


While we were at the aquarium we saw 'Born to be Wild' at their 3D IMAX theater. It was so beautiful and amazing. All of us loved it. It even made Brandon a bit weepy. I highly recommend it.

After the aquarium we were headed to the insectarium but got distracted by the riverwalk and our hunger. We ended up at the riverwalk for a long time and didn't make to the insects.

Riverwalk fountain

Jack Sparrow

Chelsea wanted her parrot to see a girl pirate.



We were going to go see The Avengers also, and we were all looking forward to it but we got to the theater too late. Going to try again tomorrow, although seeing it for Mothers Day would have rocked. =D

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