Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dirty Little Secrets

Taking my turn. Things I love and other info about me. 

kids in jammies

cinnamon candy

Lulu, my bike

physical humor


cooking and baking

Italy, its where my heart belongs


random trivia

color - I want the whole world to be colorful

music I can dance to

my mom is my hero

I wanted to be a librarian, a ballerina or a flight attendant

sleeping in a tent and listening to outside noises

I hate talk about politics or religion


being on a boat

halloween, christmas and really every other holiday

I swore I would never be a sahm, it was a tough transition for me

being in or near the water

snorkeling is my happy place, just listening to my own breathing 

I will be 30 in 20 days

its hard for me to make friends and I never think they will stick around long

kids climbing in my bed in the middle of the night

sinful colors nail polish

kid jokes

I've wanted to move to nearly every place I have ever vacationed. 

random hugs from my kids


no-bake cookies

animals of all kinds

I'm an extreme pacifist

Monterey, CA 

crazy hot showers, any time of year

bad puns

honesty that can only come from children

roasted marshmallows


mojitos and raspberry margaritas

Nathan Stark

I always play to win but only play if its fun


tiger lilies 

"I love your guts!"


I can remember random strings of numbers forever. I know the address and birthday of nearly everyone I know without looking it up. Back when we dialed phone numbers, I knew those too. Made me a damn good parts clerk.

I sometimes think being a parts clerk was the only thing I was ever good at

I never measure when I cook


red pandas, I used to go to the zoo just to see them


my mixer and my food processor

sun tea

my kids laughing

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Angi said...

And now I know why we are friends, thx for starting my list.