Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween time

I have no reason to blog right now. I actually have had so many things that I have wanted to blog about but never got around to it. Now they have escaped my mind or are so far back that it seems silly to put them in right now. But I am sitting here, waiting for Brandon to get home, reading blogs and have an urge to write SOMETHING in mine. Just so all of my loyal readers have something to look forward to! (Hi Mom!)

Halloween is in a week. I adore Halloween! If I was told I could only celebrate 1 holiday for the rest of my life I would hands down pick Halloween. Its just so much fun! I am a bit disappointed this year though. Halloween lands on a Sunday and it seems like there is so little to do in the time leading up to the actual day. Most years my kids have gotten so much wear out of their costumes by Halloween this year they are still in the packages. Everyone is having their Halloween celebrations on the day before. I'm a bit sad about it because it is going to make us have to pick what to do. It will be so much fun though.

Zach is going to be Iron Man, after zero then much consideration. He picked it because it is his friends at schools favorite superhero. So we got him a pretty cool one. Then he and I were talking about it and he wanted to change to something else. He wanted to be Spiderman, ideally. So he and I went back to the store and I showed him the Spiderman costume. He said "Its the same one I had last year! I still have mine from last year! I want to be something different so I can have different ones to dress up in after Halloween!" He is a thinker! So we looked at a few other things and he didn't find anything as cool as his Iron Man costume. He decided to stay Iron Man. And I am ok with it, because it was finally because it was what he wanted to be and not because he thought his friends would like it best. 

Chelsea is a bit more unique. She is going to be the dog with the party hat from Go Dog Go! It is her favorite book, she knows all of the lines. I sit down with her with it and she tells me the story. We were reading it one night and she said she wanted to be that for Halloween. So after much searching I found her a very cute pink poodle costume. And then I got to work making her a party hat. I think it turned out great. It has everything on it that the one in the picture has (except the bone. I'm trying to find one light enough and small enough thats not an actual dog treat still), I'm pretty proud of that! Brandon helped by filling it with foam so that I could design it a bit easier. It was a great idea, except the part that after it was all done the foam shrunk it down so now it doesn't fit her head. I am going to have to figure out what to do about that soon...

Chelseas birthday is also on Halloween. She is very excited for her birthday. Its the first one she has had that she really knows whats going on and is looking forward to it. That makes it a lot of fun. So far her party is very unplanned. Wish me luck!

I am also room parent for Zachs class which means I am planning his class Halloween party. That should be a lot of fun! He has a really cute class.


Coco said...


And I can't wait!!! It's going to turn out wonderful!!!

La Dayna said...

I really can't wait to see this hat!!

PS. I almost picked the exact same background for MY blog. :-p