Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Princess Chelsea and the Princess Festival

I took Chelsea to the Princess Festival today. We had SO much fun. They have a "show" where all of the little princesses who are visiting have to save all of the Princesses from the evil Winter Fairy and her sisters Spring Fairy, Summer Fairy and Autumn Fairy. Its so sweet. Chelsea was a bit nervous around the Princesses but both my kids get that way around characters for some reason. They also had a treasure hunt where we had clues and had to figure out what princess or booth the clue meant then have them sign it. The last one is Prince Charming who tries a special shoe one the little princesses foot to make sure that she is a REAL princess then because she is she gets a special book from him. The book is the story of Princess Ilissa and is basically a story about how the festival started. Its a great story.

We were also able to just wander around an meet the princesses. They had the Little Mermaid, which is Chelseas favorite, and Chelsea got to play in the fountain with her. You could jump on a trampoline and "fly" with Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. Alice and the Mad Hatter were having a tea party. Winafred from the Princess and the Pea was letting little girls sit on her stack of mattresses. She said she took the pea out though because she didn't want to bruise all of the little princesses.

Chelsea had a name tag on and everyone who was volunteering there would say something like "Oh Princess Chelsea, I have heard wonderful stories of you!" or something to that affect and bow or curtsy because you ALWAYS bow or curtsy for royalty.

She got to make a few crafts. Made a crown, a wand and a purse. She could have had her hair done into an updo but she said she didn't want to.

We had such a fun time. I think this may have to become an annual tradition for me and Princess Chelsea!

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Coco said...

I think it's a wonderful all girls party for the two of you - - - maybe one day you can take a grandma with you, too... just sayin!!