Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Zach is in karate right now and it is seriously the cutest thing. I love going and watching him. He has been asking me for months to let him go to karate. I took him to one place that had a "free session" and I about passed out. It was 200 bucks a month with a 2 year contract, all paid up front. But that was 3 group classes a week and 1 private session a week. Seriously, he is 4!! 

I signed him up through the community education thing with Granite School district. It is very low key, and 30 bucks for 2 months. Plus I don't have to buy him all the get up and stuff which is nice because that stuff adds up quick, even though it would be fun to see him in it.

He is not going to win star pupil in his class I am afraid. He is much more interested in goofing off then listening to his teacher. He and I had a talk about it last week after class and he did much better this week but still gets antsy. 

He is almost the tallest kid in the class, I think there is one girl a little taller then him in the class. And he is one of the youngest. Bad combination. People don't understand why he is acting like one of the younger kids when he is so obviously older. I feel bad for him for that, he is going to deal with it his whole life. 

He does love it though! They got to break boards today and he got a huge kick out of that! 

Chelsea has learned Patty Cake. She is cute, I love when she does ROLL IT! She looks like a little disco queen!

Have I mentioned lately that I think I have the cutest kids ever??

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